Duct Tape Dress

Each year around this time, my daughter and I attend our church’s Daddy Daughter Dance. This year, she really wanted to wear a duct tape dress, so with her mom’s, she set out to make a classy dress using nothing but duct tape. After cleaning out all of the red duct tape at the store, my wife set out to make the dress. Duct tape is a challenge to work with sometimes, and this was definitely one of those times. After some setbacks and lots of thrown away duct tape, the dress was completed. Originally, my daughter had asked for me to join her with a duct tape suit, but I elected to stop at a duct tape tie. My daughter and I had a great evening together, and as you can imagine, we were quite the conversation piece. Check out some of the pictures of our duct tape dress creation, including some shots of the dress in action at the dance.

Duct Tape Crafts By Ella

Looks like the future of White Elephant Creations is in good hands. Our daughter has started fixing up old notebooks and making small accessories using the ends of patterned and colored duct tape rolls. She has even started selling some to her friends for nickels and dimes and giving money to charity. Here are some of her latest creations…a notebook cover and a change purse.

DIY Vinyl Record Clock

Check out this easy to make colorful vinyl record wall clock that we made for our daughter’s bedroom. Using a 78 record, we attached the numbers and clock hardware from a kit we purchased at the craft store (or you can reuse one from an old wall clock). We had to drill the hole in the record a little bit to fit the hardware and then used some legos to help reinforce the battery casing in the back. A simple project with fun results.





From Sticker To Magnet

Stickers are great to show off your favorite team or brand, but once you stick them on something. they are there to stay. A more non-permanent option for displaying your favorite stickers is to simply turn them into magnets. Take an old magnet (old calendars are great to use) and stick your sticker to it. Cut out the sticker…and voila! Instant magnet. Although Keen makes some sweet boots, this post is not endorsed by them.