Graphic T-Shirt Wall Art

Got some old favorite graphic t-shirts that you just can’t part ways with? How about turning them into wall art? We made up some t-shirt wall hangings by cutting out t-shirts that Mike had previously designed (check out his graphic design side gig at and wrapping them around canvas. Once you have wrapped the shirts around the canvas, you can glue or staple them to the back of the frame. We made these to display in the youth room (Mike’s main gig). 

Homemade Lego Halloween

Halloween costumes are so much more fun when you make them yourself…especially when you get to reuse items found around the house to make it. We made this Lego costume for our son (with his help too) using cardboard (we love cardboard!), Chinese food takeout containers, and spray paint. A simple but fun and memorable costume for the Lego fan in your life. Happy Halloween from your friends at White Elephant Creations.

Star Wars Bathroom Signs

We have had a lot of fun over the years reimagining  the standard men’s and women’s public bathroom sign to create our own themed signs. We have made a superhero set, a hippy couple set, an astronaut set, and more. For my brother’s recent wedding gift, since he and his new wife are big Star Wars fans, we decided to make a Star Wars themed set. This time the men’s sign was made to look like Hans Solo and the women’s sign made to look like Princess Leia. Typically the signs are small and made out of card stock, but this time we took 2 feet long wood cutouts and painted them to look like the famed Star Wars couple.  Check out some of our past themed bathroom signs here.