Origami Fish Valentines

Our daughter received a package of old origami paper/Valentine fish a while back from her grandmother, and she decided to make a few changes before passing out to her classmates. With the help of her mom, who is our resident origami expert, they made the origami fish and then taped them to the card stock. Our daughter then made the ocean themed backdrops, while my wife came up with the fish puns. We photocopied the directions/Valentine on backside of the card stock. Happy Valentines Day from your friends at White Elephant Creations.

Superb Owl Sunday Hats

While Super Bowl Sunday has become a national holiday, it has also become a day to celebrate our wonderful feathered fiend, the owl, thanks to the #superbowl hashtag that can also be “Superb Owl.” Since we like to focus more on family time on this day and coincidentally love birds and owls, it was an easy choice to celebrate Superb Owl Sunday instead. Our daughter came up with a great pattern for making owl hats and all 4 of us got to make our hats with our own unique look using colored paper, card stock, glue, and scrap clothing materials. Happy Superb Owl Sunday everyone and may the best owl win!